10 Awesome DIY Baby Groot Stuff You Know You Need To Have

Almost everyone who has caught Guardians of The Galaxy are raving about the Marvel movie, especially in that one scene at the end when baby Groot dances his heart out in his little pot. Groot is this giant walking tree of an alien that can perform many wonderful foliage magic, and (SPOILER ALERT!) he breaks into a million pieces sheltering his friends from a crash. He is then reborn as a baby twig and he is so so so adorable! You know you want a baby Groot, so we have compiled a list of baby Groot DIY products. We are Groot.

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Gosun Solar Stove

Price: $280

This ingenious solar cooker stove uses a borosilicate, evacuated glass tube for frying, boiling and baking! The stainless steel cooking tray is heated by two foldable reflectors that convert about 80% of the sunlight to usable heat for temperatures over 550F and cooking times of about 20 minutes. Think itโ€™s as heavy as any other bbq grill? No way, itโ€™s shy 7 lbs is easily portable for your camping, back-packing or even backyard activities.ย 

Pretty nifty and talk about saving the planet!ย 





Dubs Acoustic Filters

Price: $25

Ever noticed how loud it is at clubs and concerts? Maybe not because your hearing has already gone to pieces. The Dubs Acoustic Filters is an alternative that finds that sweet spot between comfortable volume levels without distorting the sound.ย 

Save your ears with these reusable ear plugs that use 17-piece Dynamic Attenuation filters (a passive mechanism reducing volume while preserving sound clarity and balance). You wonโ€™t find the usual cheap โ€œSky Mallโ€ like material within these puppies, as they sport a steel body with polymer foam and silicone for comfort and durability.ย 

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